When you shop at Diverse Woodworking, you trust us with your data.
And as a guest in our server and our hearts, we take very seriously our responsibility to be clear about what data we collect and how we store, handle, and use it to enable our operations to be better for you.

There are three main categories of data we collect:


Data about the things you do on our website

  • searches that you perform
  • pages that you visit
  • how long you spend on a page
  • taps or clicks that you make
  • when you log in or log out
  • previous purchase information


Data about the things you enter into our website

  • any information entered into any form
  • any document, image, or file uploaded
  • any keyword or search term entered into search boxes
  • billing and shipping information, including addresses,
    name, phone number, credit cards
  • your account information, including addresses, name,
    email, phone number, credit cards, photos, tax ID numbers


Data about your connecting-device and cookies

  • General device information
  • Operating System
  • Hardware Model & Manufacturer
  • Hardware Serial Number
  • Your Location
  • IP Address
  • Advertising & Analytics Cookies
  • Track downloads, mailto, and outbound links
  • Track fragment identifiers, hashmarks (#) in URI links
  • Track page scrolling depth